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Lori Lochtefeld 

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Lori Lochtefeld has been in the real estate industry as a broker and real estate investor for over 10 years. Lori Lochtefeld is a native of San Francisco and attended the University of Southern California. She really knows Silicon Valley real estate.

Helping Buyers With Mortgage Tips

Lori Lochtefeld began her professional career underwriting mortgages before joining the financial services industry where she worked as a Financial Advisor for both Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, before becoming a real estate Entrepreneur in 2007. 

Lori Lochtefeld - Meet Lori Lochtefeld Real Estate Broker Ca

After studying both the residential and commercial real estate markets in the Bay Area for an entire year, Lori made her first big investments soon thereafter. Her first acquisition was a $1.68 residential property in San Mateo in 2008, which she sold for $2.1 in 2015. Her second acquisition was a 40,000-square foot mixed use commercial property in downtown Redwood City (known as the Fox Theatre), buying it out of foreclosure for only $6mm in 2010 and selling it six years later for $19mm.

Lori's third acquisition was a 20,000-square foot piece of undeveloped “dirt”, which she parlayed into a $60mm development project with a current market value of $120mm. Lori Lochtefeld followed these successes with a multitude of investments in local apartment buildings, a wine estate, and another mixed-use theatre property in nearby Monterey (the Golden State Theatre). 

In less than 7 years’ time, Lori built a massive real estate portfolio by having a keen eye for undervalued properties and exceptional timing. Along the way, she developed the unique skill set of always finding lenders to underwrite mortgages for “difficult to finance” properties. While making all of the above investments, she found the time to operate both theatres day-to-day, selling over $25mm worth of tickets to shows in her two theatres and hosting over 1000 events. This is an individual that knows how to market and drive sales. 

With 10 years of success in real estate, Lori enjoys helping others build their real estate dreams.  If you are buying a home in the Silicon Valley, Lori Lochtefeld can guide you through the home buying process and help you every step of the way. She understands that a home is not only a place where you create memories but it is also an investment that will change your life. Lori has a keen eye for making subtle changes that can make a difference in the final sales price of your home and since she is a native, she has vast local knowledge.  

If you are selling your home, Lori knows how to negotiate to get the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time. If your goal is to become a homeowner, an investor in residential real estate, or sell your home, why not work with someone with a proven track record of real estate success?